Physicians’ CME Conference

  American Meditation Institute’s Yoga of Medicine Conference 7th Annual Conference:  Physicians • RNs • NPs • PAs • Psychologists  The Heart and Science of Yoga™ Comprehensive Training in Yoga Science as Holistic Mind/Body Medicine A Unique Curriculum Developed for 
Clinical and Personal Application and Relieving Physician Burnout     Meditation  •  Mantra Science  •  Diaphragmatic Breathing Read More

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AMI Summer Retreat

The Heart and Science of Yoga Self-Care for Healthy Living  ––  Integrating Spirituality and Science Meditation  •  Stress and Pain Management
Breathing  •  Easy-Gentle Yoga  •  Yoga Psychology  •  Ayurveda
Nutrition  •  Spirituality  •  Personal Self-Care Plan For first-time or experienced meditators, physicians, nurses and therapists.   Discover the Complete Heart and Science of Yoga™ with Leonard (Ram Lev) Read More

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