“Transformation” Journal Appeal

Transformation needs your help.

Now in its 18th year of service to more than 12,000 readers in the United States and throughout the world, our beloved newsletter, Transformation, needs your support.

Transformation continues to play a vital part of AMI’s mission by providing inspiration, instruction and insight on how to live a healthier, happier life to its worldwide community of readers.

As always, bi-monthly issues of Transformation are delivered FREE OF CHARGE. In our effort to “Go Green,” current and past copies of the newsletter are available on the AMI website at http://americanmeditation.org/transformation-journal/. But in order to continue printing and distributing our “Journal of Meditation as Mind/Body Medicine,” we must rely on you––our dedicated students and generous donors––to provide your loving, financial assistance.

The hard facts are that six issues of Transformation cost AMI $18,000 annually ($3,000 per issue for printing and postage). In our effort to keep expenses to a minimum, there are no salary expenses incurred to create the bi-monthly newsletter, and the mailing process is always made possible with the selfless service of many AMI volunteers.

We deeply appreciate your very generous dedication to AMI in the past, and your special gift now will ensure the continuation of Transformation’s life and influence. Please help us grow the AMI teaching by keeping Transformation alive and publishing.

Thank you for your much-needed support.