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Self-Care for Healthy Living
Integrating Spirituality and Science

Meditation • Stress and Pain Management • Breathing • Easy-Gentle Yoga • Yoga Psychology • Ayurveda • Nutrition • Spirituality • Personal Self-Care Plan

July 19 – July 22

Discover AMI MEDITATION With Leonard (Ram Lev) And Jenness Perlmutter

This retreat presents the AMI MEDITATION curriculum in a concentrated four-day format. Regardless of your level of experience, you’re guaranteed to gain practical skills for transformation through experiential lectures, practices and discussions. Leonard’s experience, clear teaching style and sense of humor will advance your understanding, provide you a complete meditation practice and teach you how to express your life’s true purpose creatively and confidently. This special weekend will provide you all the tools you’ll need to ease stress, reduce pain, boost your immune system, heal relationships, enhance your problem solving ability and find inner peace, happiness and security.

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