The American Meditation Institute provides practical, step-by-step instruction on how to control, conserve and transform our greatest natural resource – the power of thoughts, desires and emotions. These mind/body skills empower individuals to make conscious, discriminating and reliable choices – choices that enhance their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.  AMI offers this teaching in a variety of formats so you can choose which is best for you.


Beginner's Meditation

The Basics for Getting Started
In AMI’s two-session course, you’ll receive step-by-step guidance on how to start—and stick with—a daily meditation practice.

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AMI Meditation

The Heart and Science of Yoga® Complete Self-Care Program
AMI’s acclaimed six-week course teaches you how to apply meditation principles to every situation. It provides you all the tools you’ll need to ease stress, reduce pain, boost your immune system, and enhance your problem solving ability.

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Online Meditation Video Course

The Heart and Science of Yoga® curriculum is presented in a 5 1/2 hour online meditation course containing 40 lecture segments and brings to you a comprehensive training in the world’s oldest and most effective holistic mind/body medicine.

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Home Study Course

The Heart and Science of Yoga® curriculum is conducted in six, one-hour personal sessions with AMI founder Leonard Perlmutter.

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Summer Retreat

July 13 – 16, 2017
This four day retreat provides a comprehensive and holistic self-care & wellness program as presented in The Heart and Science of Yoga®
 in an intimate country setting where you can leave behind all the duties and responsibilities of everyday life.

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Continuing Medical Education

Conferences & Courses for Physicians • RNs • NPs • PAs • Psychologists
MI offers a unique curriculum developed for clinical application, personal health, relieving physician burnout and building resilience in a variety of formats that qualify for continuing medical education credit.

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The Heart and Science of Yoga® book

The American Meditation Institute’s
Empowering Self-Care Program for a Happy, Healthy, Joyful Life
The Heart and Science of Yoga® is both the record of a personal journey and a transformational teaching. You’ll find easy-to-learn meditations, prayers, teaching stories from the world’s great spiritual traditions, breathing practices, a user’s guide for the mind, techniques for accessing intuitive wisdom, an introduction to ancient Ayurvedic health principles and a holistic program of easy, gentle exercise.

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American Meditation CD

Life, Liberty and Happiness
In this CD, Leonard Perlmutter (Ram Lev) guides the individual to merging practical Yoga Science with western spiritual traditions to increase energy, willpower, and creativity by re-engineering the software of the mind.

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Guided Meditation CD

In this CD, meditation teacher and philosopher Leonard Perlmutter (Ram Lev) guides you on how to experience consciousness yourself. By using this CD you can learn how to deal with distractions, reduce stress, enhance your body’s immune system and become more focused, creative and content.

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