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This 400 hour program requires a minimum of two and one-half years of study under the personal direction of the AMI faculty at the American Meditation Institute in Averill Park, New York. Please note that this program requires participation in many of our classes that meet one day a week in the evening. For this reason, while regional residency is not required, it is recommended.

MI Meditational Therapist
Certification Program

The American Meditation Institute announces the establishment of its Meditational Therapist certification program
(AMI-MT). This program provides comprehensive training:

  • For those who desire to strengthen their foundation and expand their capabilities as professionals in any work environment, including healthcare (allopathic, holistic, or lifestyle improvement), education, technology and business.
  • For any person who chooses to experience greater health, creativity, decision-making abilities, happiness, and more successful personal and professional relationships.
  • For any person who wants to experience a more contented and rewarding life. Students, workers in mid-career, as well as those in retirement, can find great benefit in this training.

The program is designed to lead students toward self-care, self-awareness, self-reliance, and Self-realization—all that fosters a balanced and truly fulfilling life.

What makes the AMI-MT program a unique educational opportunity (both in the U.S and internationally)?

The AMI-MT program is a multi-disciplinary, all-inclusive curriculum for healing. It is based on the 5000 year-old educational tradition of Yoga Science. Throughout the millennia, this teaching has been stewarded by an unbroken lineage of teachers who provide individualized guidance and support to every student so that all can reach their personal and professional potential. The tradition of health-care taught at The American Meditation Institute is known as The Royal Science or Royal (Raja) Yoga, referring to its high quality and all-encompassing nature. The solid foundation and scope of the AMI-MT program has merited its accreditation for Continuing Medical Education credits for physicians, nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and psychologists. This 400 hour program requires a minimum of two and one-half years of study under the personal direction of the AMI faculty. The entire program must be completed within three years.

AMI-Meditational Therapist courses cover all levels of Yoga Science including:

  • In-depth and practical teachings of Yoga Science medicine and its philosophical foundations (known in Sanskrit as advaita Vedanta and samkhya philosophy)
  • Meditation methods and clinically-applicable practices
  • Ayurvedic medical nutrition
  • Therapeutic physical exercises (asanas or hatha yoga)
  • Health-promoting breathing therapies (pranayama)
  • Yoga psychology (including in-depth study of the classic psychological text, the Bhagavad Gita)


Graduates of this diverse program:

  • Possess an understanding of and tools for optimizing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.
  • Know how to apply the knowledge of meditational therapy to benefit their personal and professional lives. Through technical and diagnostic skills, they can effectively care for their clients, patients, students, friends and family members.


The AMI Meditational Therapist certification program complements other forms of psychological and physical health care to facilitate a client or patient in contacting and employing inner wisdom to act more skillfully in all circumstances and relationships. By making the significant commitment of time and effort this program requires, a candidate can mature into the high calling of service to her or his family, business and community as a qualified meditational therapist.


The AMI-Meditational Therapist Curriculum
400 Hour Program

AMI Meditation: The Heart and Science of Yoga
(Comprehensive Training in Holistic Mind/Body Medicine)
Yoga Science, Mantra Meditation, Breathing, Psychology, Ayurveda,
Alkaline Therapy, Easy-Gentle Yoga, Mind-Body Care Plan


Curriculum Overview:
Comprehensive Meditation: The Heart and Science of Yoga
Mind-Body Psychology: Bhagavad Gita Study
Overview of the Chakra System
Tantric and Yoga Nidra Healing Practices
Katha Upanishad Study
Food as Medicine (“Kitchen Yoga”)
Medicine Cabinet Essentials
Decision-Making (Yamas and Niyamas)
Teachings of the Compassionate Buddha
Personal Counseling Sessions
Anatomy and Physiology of Easy-Gentle Yoga
Functional Medicine (Anita Burock-Stotts, MD)
Clinical Application of Meditational Therapy (Beth Netter, MD)
The Mahabharata
Karma Yoga
Practice teaching sessions
Public speaking events
Required reading


The AMI-Meditational Therapist Program is based on the traditional teacher-student relationship, and is therefore primarily designed for individuals living within a comfortable driving distance from The American Meditation Institute campus. Call (518) 674-8714 to receive detailed information on the curriculum and requirements of the AMI Meditational Therapist certification program (AMI-MT).