Video Lecture: Inner Worlds – Outer Worlds
SATURDAY AFTERNOON, March 22, 2014 • 1:30 – 4:30pm Register

INNER WORLDS – OUTER WORLDS:  One Vibratory Field Connects All Things

An Important Video Experience

LEVEL I:  It has been called Akasha, Logos, the primordial OM, the music of the spheres, the Higgs field, and a thousand other names throughout history. The ancient teachers taught Nada Brahma, the universe is vibration. The vibratory field is at the root of all spiritual experience and scientific investigation. It is the same field of energy that saints, Buddhas, yogis, mystics, priests, shamans and seers have observed by looking within themselves. In today’s society, most of humanity has forgotten this ancient wisdom. We have strayed too far into the realm of thinking; what we perceive to be the outer world of form. We have lost our connection to our inner worlds. This balance, what the Buddha called the middle way, what Aristotle called the golden mean, is the birthright of every human being. It is the common link between all religions, and the link between our inner worlds and our outer worlds.

This video lecture will be followed by a detailed discussion (satsang) with Leonard (Ram Lev) and Jenness Perlmutter.