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AMI MEDITATION DIET:  All the Body is in the Mind

Leonard Perlmutter (Ram Lev)

LEVEL I:   Yes, you can lose weight without drugs, strenuous exercise, calorie counting or expensive gadgets that don’t work.  Most overweight people have faced the frustration of trying to lose weight and failing time and again because they don’t understand that all the body is in the mind.  The AMI Meditation Diet approaches weight loss without making unrealistic starvation diet demands.  This is not another fad diet.  Rather it is a common sense approach, based on scientific principles, to help you lose weight naturally!  The AMI Meditation Diet provides permanent results through a painless method.  Forget about old diet methods (that never worked anyway). AMI founder Leonard Perlmutter will share an ancient, revolutionary approach that guarantees positive results by putting the wisdom of Yoga Science to work for you.