Leonard Perlmutter (Ram Lev)

LEVEL I:  AMI’s easy-gentle yoga and breathing class is taught the same way it was thousands of years ago: as preliminary practices to prepare both the body and mind for daily meditation.  Without difficulty or pain, you’ll learn the simple, therapeutic pleasures of focusing and stilling the mind, expanding your breathing capacity, relieving stiffness and stress, detoxifying the lymph system, stretching muscles and invigorating internal organs.  Most students feel less stress and inflexibility after the very first class. You’ll move with more ease, gain physical confidence and enhance the flexibility and health of your body.  When your body is stiff or in pain, the mind is often distracted and cannot help you experience the positive effects of meditation.

This course is the perfect complement to our Heart and Science of Yoga® program.  For beginners and experienced students alike.