Yoga Quotes
Yoga Quotes

By Leonard Perlmutter

Philosopher, Educator, Author
and Founder of the American Meditation Institute


"Attention is Love."

"Your body is a temple that houses Eternity and the food you eat is a sacrament--a visible sign of grace that has manifested from the One invisible, Supreme Reality. When you base your food choices on your own intuitive wisdom, that food will nourish and strengthen your body, mind and spirit to help you fulfill the purpose of your life."

“Without meditation, the senses act like wild horses traveling the roads of selfish desires, and we suffer. But when the mind is trained to the rein of the higher Self, we exhibit discipline, discrimination and the will power of sankalpa shakti. Then the senses obey, and we attain the supreme goal of life.”

“Grace is a wind that is always blowing. If you really want freedom and unbounded happiness in this lifetime, set your sail now! Learn how putting your trust in Yoga’s practical and verifiable science connects you to a wisdom that never disappointments.”

“The more you surrender to your inner intuitive wisdom---regardless of your likes and dislikes---the greater will be your reward.”

“When you recognize and serve your wife or husband as a reflection of the Supreme Reality, your marriage will help you attain the highest state of enlightenment.”

“Stress and pain are shadows of the outstretched hand of the Divine Reality asking you to make a change that will help you fulfill the purpose of your life.”

“If our actions today conflict with our own inner wisdom, we are assuring ourselves a rendezvous in the future with a challenging experience that will test anew our attachment to ignorance.”

“When you serve the shreya and sacrifice the preya, you become One with the metaphoric Father who is perfect in the subtle world called heaven. This is the secret of happiness and immortality.”

“According to the U.S. government, 53 percent of all illness is caused by lifestyle choices. That makes daily meditation and Yoga Science the cheapest and most practical form of health insurance available.”

“Freedom does not mean being able to say or do anything you want. You experience real freedom and happiness when you are no longer enslaved to those charms, attractions and temptations that conflict with your inner wisdom and bring you pain.”

“When you face a challenging decision, choose the intuitive wisdom of the buddhi  and you will experience freedom.”

“When the nurturing, feminine wisdom of the Divine Mother guides our actions, we experience a newfound ease of being.”

“The practice of one-pointed attention, dharana, increases energy, willpower, creativity, emotional stability as well as short and long-term memory.”

“Meditation is not what you think it is. It’s a method of accessing unerring wisdom from the superconscious mind so you can experience a happy, healthy and creatively rewarding life.”

“Only when the higher jihad is fought with full engagement---and won---will new battles cease to erupt both within and without. “Only through the higher jihad of purifying the mind in every personal relationship can a lower jihad be certain of its Divine inspiration.”

“More than any other single event in human history, seeing earthrise set into motion a subtle, but deeply significant and irreversible shift in human consciousness that impels us toward peace.”

"When you violate your conscience, that internal conflict leads to war. When you serve your conscience, you are a peacemaker both within and without."

“Yoga Science teaches us to 'include all and exclude none.' If the outer guru, in the form of a person or experience, reflects the Truth and light of the inner guru, the advice is to be heeded and served in thought, word and deed. If a suggestion from the outer guru is not in harmony with the inner guru as reflected by the purified discrimination of buddhi, the advice is to be honored and lovingly rejected with gratitude---for your teacher has just taught you whatnot to do.”

“Meditation leads to Self knowledge, and Self knowledge leads to the freedom from fear.”

“Every thought is only a suggestion of what to give your attention to. It is not an imperial command.”

“The major crisis of our culture is not one of IQ---intelligence quotient. The problem we face individually and collectively is one of WQ---will quotient.”

"Enormous possibilities for health and creativity are held captive by your likes and dislikes. Inspecting your desires and attachments to food and making choices intuitively--with discrimination--will make your spiritual practice and every other relationship more rewarding."

"Yoga Science is not just a scholarly pursuit. It is a moment-by-moment and thought-by-thought practical guide for living."

"You cannot will the mind to be calm, but when you regulate the breath diaphragmatically, you automatically calm the mind, and a calm mind makes healthier choices."

"Understanding the nature of the gunas can help us learn to free ourselves from the habits that brings us unintended pain."

"Shreya thoughts are expansive and creative; preyas are contractive and destructive. Only when we steward our thoughts with discrimination, do we experience the health and happiness we desire."

"The obstacles to your health, happiness and security reside in your mind. When you change the software of the mind, you change your reality."

"By uniting the enormous power of our emotions with the Source of wisdom within, we gain the energy, will power and creativity to flourish in the midst of life's challenges."

"Our unconscious concepts skew our perceptions, and the choices we make, based on those distortions, often lead to darkness."

"Prayer is an intimate conversation between the personality and the Higher Self. In that quiet conversation, the ego can let go of old limitations in order to receive unimagined blessings."

"Meditation guides us beyond the matrix that gave birth to our pain.  It leads us to a new matrix of higher wisdom that can resolve the most pressing issues of our time."

"By practicing Yoga Science as mind-body medicine, you can purify the lenses through which you view the world. With clarity of vision, you can see the blessing contained in every moment ."

"Meditation teaches us how to use the mind to go beyond the mind."

"Our raga/dveshas make us prisoners to the mental lenses through which we view the world. No matter what actually appears before us, our vision is always skewed, and as a result we suffer."

"By expanding the ego you live free from any form of prejudice."

"The most effective way to reduce health costs is to reduce demand, and the easiest way to do that is by Self-Care."

"When you experience the Higher Knowledge of the ultimate Truth, your fear, anger, doubt and mistrust will dissolve and you will begin to joyously fulfill the noble purpose of your life."

"By practicing Yoga Science as mind-body medicine, you can purify the lenses through which you view the world. With clarity of vision, you can see the blessing contained in every moment ."

"DNA is not destiny. Sitting atop each gene is a switch called an epigenetic mark that can be turned on or off by our skillful or unskillful choices. When our actions are greased with love, we can even reverse the proclivities of our genetic karma."

"Seeing your Yoga practice as applied quantum mechanics helps you better understand the subtle effects the mind and breath have on the health of the body."

"Our habitual unhappiness and insecurity are not caused by a lack of anything. They are caused by our persistent belief that "I lack. The mind, therefore, is both our problem and the solution to our problem."

"Repetition of the mantra can help us make kinder, more enlightened choices by freeing us from our self-imposed prison of likes and dislikes."  

"This is no exaggeration: you were born to put death to death" 

"The New Year is an auspicious time for you to become Self-reliant." 

"You cannot will the mind to be calm, but when you regulate the breath diaphragmatically, you automatically calm the mind, and a calm mind makes healthier choices." 

"Shreya thoughts are expansive and creative; preyas are contractive and destructive. Only when we steward our thoughts with discrimination, do we experience the health and happiness we desire." 

"The obstacles to your health, happiness and security reside in your mind. When you change the software of the mind, you change your reality." 

"By uniting the enormous power of our emotions with the Source of wisdom within, we gain the energy, will power and creativity to flourish in the midst of life's challenges." 

"Remember Abraham Lincoln's words: 'I am not bound to win, I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live up to the Light I have.'" 

"Life without a daily meditation practice is like driving an automobile with a steering wheel that only turns in one direction." 

"Our unconscious concepts skew our perceptions, and the choices we make, based on those distortions, often lead to darkness." 

"Meditation provides a clear perspective on what is to be done and what is not to be done a more practical and trustworthy perspective than a college education or any computerized gadgetry can give." 

"Meditation not only heals the body and mind, it also provides us the intuitive wisdom to resolve our most pressing personal and cultural problems." 

"If you meditate every day and follow the wisdom of your conscience, doors will open where once there were only walls." 

"Prayer is an intimate conversation between the personality and the Higher Self. In that quiet conversation, the ego can let go of old limitations in order to receive unimagined blessings." 

"Meditation guides us beyond the matrix that gave birth to our pain.  It leads us to a new matrix of higher wisdom that can resolve the most pressing issues of our time." 

"When my Master, Swami Rama, was once asked if he were enlightened, he humbly replied, 'If I said "yes" it would be ego.If I said "no" it would be a lie. So I said nothing.'" 

"Unexamined, unconscious concepts skew our perceptions,  diminish our problem-solving capacity, restrict our freedom of action and weaken the body's immune system."