National Conscience Month
National Conscience Month

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Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide

Explore and be inspired by personal Conscience stories shared by others.

Joseph Carrick

“Being conscious and using my conscience helps me to not play the wrong notes in the song of life.”
Joseph Carrick, Musician

Zurenko Joyce

“I have learned from experience that when I listen to my conscience in challenging situations as well as when making day-to-day decisions, the result is always beneficial to me as well as to other people. There is great peace in knowing this.”
Joyce Zurenko, Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Retired

Howe Doreen

“By counseling with and trusting my conscience, I’m a better wife, mother, grandmother and friend to others and myself.”
Doreen Howe
New York State Department of Transportation Construction Coordinator, Retired

Baumgarten Nadine

“I try to pay careful attention to what really matters to me because one thing I know for sure is that my health on every level is directly connected to how well my actions flow from my deepest values. That’s where conscience needs to lead the way.”
Nadine Baumgarten
Elementary School Teacher, Retired

Share Your Conscience Story

Share Your Conscience Story
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