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National Conscience Month

About National Conscience Month

National Conscience Month was created to celebrate and raise awareness about the value of using your conscience as a guide to make better decisions.

Created by American Meditation Institute founders Leonard and Jenness Perlmutter, National Conscience Month will take place each January, beginning in 2020.  During Conscience Month, observers are encouraged to explore more about their conscience — from what it is, to how it works, to how to access it reliably.

People who consult their consciences regularly experience more positive outcomes and find they can be happier and healthier in the long term.

We invite people and organizations across the United States to join our favorite cricket in raising awareness about using your conscience as your guide. Contact the American Meditation Insititute to learn more.

Do you want to create a world of more
Meaning, Understanding, Acceptance, Peace, Civility,
Kindness, Compassion, Security, Health, Happiness and Love?

Become A National Conscience Month Partner

Are you a leader in your community, at work or at home?

We are looking for partners (organizations and individuals) who are invested in doing good and wanting to be responsible in their choices and actions.

In our current culture we know that people are moving quickly and reacting rather than making discerning choices.  No one has ever taught people how to evaluate options or to use their conscience as a guide.  Because of this, we experience dis-ease. We suffer personally and as a culture from ills like addictions, gun violence, chronic and debilitating health conditions, suicide, racism, bigotry, stress, and depression, to name just a few.

We can work together for change.  We are in a position to influence people due to the nature of our work and beliefs.  We are asking all of our partners to use their influence and voices to help spread awareness and advocate for change.  In short, to help people discover how to use their Conscience as their guide.

How You Can Participate

NCM Contest Flyer

Enter the National Conscience Month Contest

Calling all high school aged students — Enter for a chance to win 1 of 4 scholarships totaling $2,000!


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