National Conscience Month
National Conscience Month

Use Your Conscience for Healthier Eating Habits

Every day you have choices to make about what, when and how you eat. When you use your Conscience to make better food choices, you strengthen your will power and resolve. Over time, making wise food choices will result in significant improvements to your health and wellbeing.

Try these simple experiments:

Remove Distractions: Before eating a meal, remove all distractions such as reading material, TV, music and cell phones. Try eating your meal in silence, focusing on the flavors and texture of the food in your mouth, to the exclusion of all else. Let your senses enjoy each bite. If your mind wanders, let your Conscience gently guide you back to the food.

Slow Down: Try putting your fork down after each bite. Ask your Conscience if you are hungry before taking the next bite. Wait 20 minutes before you consider dessert. Then ask your Conscience if you’re still hungry, or if having only half a dessert is the better choice. 

Observe Your Food: Is the food you eat providing you enough energy and nutrition, or leaving you feeling depleted? Ask your Conscience what food choices might make your body and mind feel healthier and happier. Start small. Try incorporating one healthy food choice at a time. For example, substitute a piece of fruit for a cookie. Or eat half a cookie. 

Examine Your Motives: Before you reach into the refrigerator or cabinet to get a snack, ask your Conscience whether you are actually hungry. If you are simply bored or anxious, try redirecting your energy towards a positive activity, such as taking a walk or reaching out to a friend in need.

Practice Gratitude: Before you eat a meal, consider the ultimate source of the food, and the effort involved in bringing the food to your plate. Mentally offer a word of thanks for the gift of nourishment.

Reflect: After you’re finished with each experiment, contemplate how you feel. Are you pleasantly satisfied or uncomfortably stuffed? Are you pleased with your choices, or do you feel any regrets? Regardless of the outcome, congratulate yourself on doing the experiment using your own Inner Wisdom. You’re building confidence in your ability to make positive choices that will lead you to a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.