What do the faces below have in common? They all are selfless teachers of the timeless philosophy and practices of Yoga Science. Their practical instruction continues to be an inspiration. Founded in 1996 by Leonard and Jenness Perlmutter, AMI has the honor of serving as a modern link in the World’s Oldest Health and Wisdom Tradition, and with that honor comes great responsibility. In the past, countless women and men have dedicated their lives to keeping this transformative learning alive in the world. And now we need your help to continue this essential service. Won’t you please join us in this important mission by sending a generous donation?

“I am only concerned with taking care of the present. Action expresses priorities.”


2018 2019 Annual Appeal

This year, we enclosed our 22nd Annual Appeal letter inside the October-December issue of “Transformation” — the quarterly journal of Yoga Science as holistic mind/body medicine. Like most of you, we find this publication an inspiration. For instance, in this issue Leonard’s new essay provides an insightful explanation of two important teachings: one from Swami Rama, and the other from 6th century BC philosopher and Yoga scientist Lao Tzu. Remember that it is contributions like yours that make “Transformation” possible.

As members of the AMI spiritual community we all have an obligation to pay forward the invaluable gifts we have received from our founders Leonard and Jenness. All of us who have been touched by Yoga Science and the allied disciplines of AMI Meditation have a responsibility to share this knowledge and love with the world. Now is the time to give, so that The American Meditation Institute can continue being a vital force in helping to heal individual lives and the painful divisions that are so evident in our society.

Your financial generosity today will be used to continue the life-affirming AMI teaching that, to paraphrase St. Francis of Assisi, brings Light where there is darkness, Joy where there is sadness, and Love where there is hatred. Without question, all of humanity will benefit from your gift ––but only if you are motivated to act now when AMI truly needs your support.

Please join us as fellow students who have been greatly blessed by Leonard and Jenness’s clear, practical and selfless teaching. By giving generously to The American Meditation Institute’s 22nd Annual Appeal, you can make it possible for countless others to discover and experience the joys of Self-realization.

Thank you for your support.

Anthony Santilli MD, Chairman
Janeen Browe, Co-Chair
The American Meditation Institute’s 22nd Annual Giving Campaign


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