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Namaste, Dear AMI Students and Friends.

Contemplate gratitude. It turns what we have into enough, and more than enough. It turns resistance into acceptance, confusion into clarity. Gratitude makes every gift more meaningful, for both giver and receiver. As we enter this traditional season of thanks giving, we offer our gratitude for your longstanding and faithful support of the American Meditation Institute.

Our world is in turmoil––and that external unrest inflames the familiar internal disharmony that can visit every human life. The remedies for such turmoil, originating from within or from without, are the very gifts Yoga Science has delivered for thousands of years. Today, we could not be more thankful for these tools––tools that prepare us to address every circumstance with confidence, courage, trust, and creativity.

In the fall of 1996, the mood of the nation was hospitable, and we began teaching AMI Meditation® with grateful hearts. Our own transformative experience with Yoga Science had filled us with optimism and a sense of purpose that has never wavered. Our teacher’s parting mandate, to “start teaching now,” fueled our inspiration and deepened our desire to share the gifts of this wise, benevolent tradition. We were firmly committed then, and remain committed today, to accepting with gratitude all the support the universe has to offer, including your generous gifts.

At a pace almost imperceptible in real time, society has experienced a decrease of trust in life’s abundant possibilities. We noticed this change recently while perusing a stack of health and wellness magazines dated from 1996 to 2011. Teachings about the non-duality of science and spirituality, harnessing energy through breath work, the benefits of stillness, the commonalities of all religions, tapping into our own inherent wisdom, our connection to infinite creativity—and many more inspiring approaches to finding greater ease of being and physical wellness—were abundant.

Many of the voices that offered such gifts have been muted or stilled in the past decade, a loss made worse by pandemic-induced economic hardships for small businesses and organizations. In notable contrast, AMI’s work has remained vital and relevant. Still, as a nonprofit educational institution, we are in great need of your support for our ongoing mission of service in its many forms.

How Your Contribution Has Helped in the Past
and Now Will Help AMI Serve Many More Students in 2024

  • The development of new class offerings for 2024 (stay tuned for details!) as well as the ongoing classes that have benefitted thousands of students
  • The return of our annual Physicians Conference in October 2023, which was again recognized by the American Medical
    Association for Continuing Medical Education credit
  • The publication of two award-winning books, with plans for more
  • A recently completed peer-reviewed clinical study that provides scientific validation of the benefits of AMI Meditation®
  • Technological upgrades to our live-streaming classes
  • Free Sunday morning guided meditation and satsang (in-person and online)
  • The return to in-person participation and a hybrid model to accommodate remote students for most classes
  • National Conscience Month (now fifth annual) celebration and essay competition (with scholarship prize) for high school
    seniors each January
  • A wide range of titles on Yoga Science, not readily available elsewhere, found in the AMI bookstore
  • The AMI flowering gardens, Buddhi Yoga Labyrinth, walking trails, goldfish pond and waterfall are maintained (spring, summer and fall) to enhance your contemplation, rejuvenation and pleasure
  • Lifelong support of your spiritual practice is always available to AMI Foundation Course graduates. 

In service—with love and gratitude,

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Leonard and Jenness Perlmutter


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