Please Help Us Continue AMI’s Teaching
By Supporting Our 26th Annual Appeal

Leonard Perlmutter (Ram Lev)
Jenness Cortez Giving

Namaste, Dear AMI Students and Friends.

For Jenness and myself, living with 21st century challenges would be overwhelming without practicing the AMI teaching. We see the increasing need for AMI’s curriculum reflected every day in social media posts, newspapers, books, movies, on the internet and television news. But most telling of all, we see the need in every personal daily relationship. The pain of not skillfully resolving the stresses of modern life takes its toll on all of us. It saps our energy. It limits our creativity. It compromises our relationships and poisons our bodies.

In the challenges of today’s world, we see the urgent need for the American Meditation Institute’s teaching to reach more and more people who are in pain, and who are newly ready and open to receiving education that has the potential to enlighten, redirect and enrich their lives.

The less complicated world we were born into as children is no more. In spite of all our technological advances and modern prosperity, we have scant peace of mind, and find ourselves living in fear and anger in the midst of society’s increasing incivility and violence. It appears we’re caught in the dishonest cultural illusion that the pursuit of pleasure leads to happiness, the pursuit of power will lead us to security, and that our private desires must always be fulfilled––even if they are at the expense of other people, races, countries, animals, clean air and water.

In great part, Jenness and I founded The American Meditation Institute for Yoga Science and Philosophy in September of 1996 in order to share with people like you the wisdom we’ve studied and practiced, and that so lovingly awakens us from that cultural illusion. Over the past 26 years, we have given the best of our time, energy and creative talents to assure that this teaching will continue and thrive.

The appearance of COVID––and the subsequent disappearance of live classes in Averill Park, reduced the presence of our local AMI community, and the collective weight of our increased responsibilities has made your generous support for this year’s Annual Appeal more essential with each passing day.

How Your Contribution Now Will Help AMI Serve Many More Students in 2023

  • We are currently planning the return of our well received annual Physicians CME Conference in Lenox, Massachusetts in October 2023.  As you know, we had to suspend this important live conference for three years during the COVID pandemic. We’re currently receiving many inquiries from healthcare professionals, and have decided that this conference is a necessary and meaningful way for AMI to be of service.
  • Beginning in January of this year, we resumed printing and mailing “Transformation, The Journal of Yoga Science as Mind/Body Medicine.” During the COVID pandemic we had temporarily stopped printing this vitally important and instructive teaching publication in an effort to curb expenses.
  • Our 2021 publication of the book YOUR CONSCIENCE has continued to meet with success, including strong sales and invitations for Leonard’s participation in more than 90 podcast interviews in the United States and Europe.
  • In January AMI’s 4th Annual National Conscience Month observance will feature two practical webinars: “Your Conscience: It’s Not What You Think It Is” and “Your Conscience: How to Use it––Everywhere, Every Day.” We invite you to attend.
  • We’ve already begun soliciting applications from high school seniors nationwide to enter AMI’s annual Essay Contest. The winning student will be awarded a $2,000 scholarship toward their higher education. 

We need your generous support to enable us to continue our publishing efforts, produce additional videos, conduct online live Zoom classes and free Sunday morning guided meditations, host webinars, offer counseling services, and teach our growing program of classes, including the AMI MEDITATION® Foundation Course, Yoga Psychology, Tantric Healing, Sacred Journey, Chakras as a Diagnostic Tool, Yoga Science Lab,® Teachings of the Buddha and Best Choices. Won’t you please help us now to ensure that AMI’s sacred, practical and holistic teaching will continue to be available to every interested person who is seeking?

In service—with love and gratitude,

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Leonard and Jenness Perlmutter


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