Department of Medical Education

The AMI Department of Medical Education was formed in 2009 to assist in supporting our mission of providing the teaching of Yoga Science as Mind/Body Medicine to the general public and healthcare professionals. The multidisciplinary committee meets on a regular basis, evaluating current programs and providing input for future programming.

The purpose of AMI’s Department of Medical Education is to assist in making Mind/Body Medicine an integral aspect of our health care system, which increasingly recognizes the importance of disease prevention through self-care and healthy lifestyle choices.  AMI’s live and online training for physicians and other health care practitioners make it possible for us to bring this important teaching of Yoga Science as Mind/Body Medicine to health care professionals in the United States and around the world.

AMI Department of Medical Education

Renee Rodriguez-Goodemote, MD, Co-Chair   •   Anthony Santilli, MD, Co-Chair
Beth Netter, MD, Chair Emeritus
Susan Lord, MD
Mark Pettus, MD
Anita Burock-Stotts, MD
Bernie Siegel, MD
Donna Heffernan, MD
Jesse Ritvo, MD
Kristin Kaelber, MD
Gustavo Grodnitzky, Ph.D.
Peggy Jacob, RN