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Have you ever thought about trying meditation but didn’t know how to get started?

The American Meditation Institute provides comprehensive training in mind-body medicine. In it’s holistic approach to wellness, AMI combines the best of ancient Eastern meditational wisdom and the practicality of modern Western science.

By practicing the scientific, meditational techniques taught at AMI, students learn how to construct a practical bridge between their own inner, intuitive quantum wisdom and their actions in the world. This bridge between the inner and outer worlds coordinates all our assets to enable us to experience health, creative, loving, nurturing and rewarding relationships.

Multitasking and Chronic Stress

The American Meditation Institute offers yoga and meditation instruction in Albany NY. Accredited Nursing CME & Physician CME Courses. Meditation and Yoga Retreats in Albany NY area.

AMI Students Share Benefits of AMI MEDITATION


AMI MEDITATION is the foundation course for understanding and practicing Yoga Science in modern life.

Important Tools/Benefits of AMI MEDITATION

You’ll learn the following:

One-pointed attention
How to focus the mind on one thing at a time.

 How to slow down the mind by increasing the space between stimulus and response.

How to regularly access “higher knowledge” from the superconscious mind.

Will Power
How to find the strength to do what’s to be done, and not do what’s not to be done.

Ahimsa (non-injury, non-harming)
How to love and be loved

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