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Stress and the Bottom Line
The stress-impacted worker is the real source for both direct medical costs and indirect performance costs. Organizational budgets are eaten away by escalating health insurance and worker compensation costs for many conditions that could be prevented or corrected by reducing stress.

The American Institute of Stress estimates that over $300 billion annually is lost by U.S. businesses due to stress-related accidents, absenteeism, employee turnover, diminished productivity, direct medical, legal and insurance costs, and worker compensation awards.

A Few Simple Truths
Stress-impacted employees perform poorly, consume greater resources, and generate health insurance costs that detract from the focus, goals and bottom line of the business.

Meditators regularly add value to their organization through an increase in focus and creativity. They also help their business prosper by decreasing medical expenses and by displaying an enthusiastic, positive attitude.

What to Do
AMI’s Corporate Meditation Program can improve your company’s work environment and competitive advantage by enhancing the Health, Performance and Leadership qualities of your entire workforce.


  • Lower utilization of healthcare services and reduced absenteeism
  • Higher productivity, performance and morale
  • Clearer decision-making, better focus and judgment
  • Increased retention of key employees


Corporate America Looks Within for Success

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To be successful, every company must regularly reevaluate and reinvent itself. More and more, corporate America is beginning to acknowledge the benefits of meditation and is bringing this ancient practice into their modern workplace.

Why? Because the benefits of meditation for every employee are undeniable: clarity of thought, release of stress, enhanced creativity, and the ability to see […]

Taking the Right Direction

by Phil Neurnberger

Many years ago, a friend who was a senior officer in a bank asked me how one could possibly translate the esoteric concepts of Yoga Science, meditation and its allied disciplines for practical-minded business executives. I was somewhat dumbfounded by the question, since meditation has immediate application in every aspect of life, and is particularly useful for any businessperson or executive. In fact, the higher you go in corporate life, the more valuable the knowledge of meditation becomes. […]

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