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The practice of Yoga Science is not a pill you swallow to eliminate pain or instantly gain something you want. The extent to which you work with this teaching is entirely up to you. If you are sincerely interested in becoming free from pain and bondage, and are willing to transform your own fear, anger and self-centered desires into a loving, creative and uplifting force, your life will definitely become the magnificent symphony you and the world are waiting to hear.

Students often ask if there is a higher level to this teaching, or some advanced course they should take. The answer is yes. The higher level and advanced course lies in your next thought. Who are you and what are you going to do with that thought?

Satsang: Keep the Company of the Wise

Like water naturally taking the shape of the container in which it finds itself, your will, deeds and destiny conform to the company you keep. It’s true. What you give your attention to has an enormous influence on the life you live. If the company you keep, both mentally and physically, is chosen unconsciously, stress and dis-ease will likely follow. But if the company you keep is chosen consciously, with discrimination, it’s likely that happiness, health and security will follow.

How do I know? In 1978, shortly after I began my spiritual journey in earnest, my […]

Meditation Before and After Surgery

In January of 2014, after reporting a certain “recurring abdominal pain” to my primary care physician, I underwent a series of diagnostic tests that would ultimately lead to an extremely complicated surgery involving the pancreas, gall bladder and small intestine. Imaging tests revealed a large cyst in the head of the pancreas, but even after the cyst had been biopsied, there was no way, short of surgery, to know definitively whether it was benign or malignant. As much as I would have liked to say, “no, thank you” when I was told surgery needed to be done, there was really no other option. In the language of Yoga Science, surgery […]



AMI MEDITATION is the foundation course for understanding and practicing Yoga Science in modern life.

Important Tools/Benefits of AMI MEDITATION

You’ll learn the following:

One-pointed attention
How to focus the mind on one thing at a time.

 How to slow down the mind by increasing the space between stimulus and response.

How to regularly access “higher knowledge” from the superconscious mind.

Will Power
How to find the strength to do what’s to be done, and not do what’s not to be done.

Ahimsa (non-injury, non-harming)
How to love and be loved

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