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YOGA SCIENCE LAB®:  How to Practice Meditation-in-Action

Presented by Valerie Chakedis, Ed.D. 

Thursdays  •  6:30 – 8:30pm  ET  •  2 Weeks

LEVEL II:  In this new, interactive workshop you’ll take all the tools and knowledge you learned in the AMI Meditation course and put them into practice by conducting your own “Meditation-in-Action” experiments.  Using a game board to facilitate learning, you’ll discover how easy, rewarding and fun this process can be.   This is a supportive environment where you’ll receive continual, positive feedback from group leaders and participants.  As you experiment with  the Truth reflected by the conscience (buddhi), you’ll develop invaluable decision-making skills that will enhance your confidence in both your personal and professional lives.  The course provides a Yoga Science notebook, handouts and practical insights for daily living.

PREREQUISITE:   Completion of AMI’s Foundation Course

When I learned the Yoga Science Lab was taught by AMI students, I couldn’t wait to register. I saw it as a chance to speak freely and ask practical questions about this new practice that had already made a profound impact. I still remember the experiment I shared and the helpful insights I received from others further along the path. I can’t recommend Yoga Science Lab highly enough.

— Jennifer M.

So grateful that I took the Yoga Science Lab course a few months after the Foundation Course. It was the perfect way to refresh, clarify and gain a deeper understanding on how our minds work! The Game board was not only fun, but very insightful!

— Mary B.

I had been a student at AMI for several years when the Yoga Science Lab was first offered.  I hesitated signing up for it at first because I thought I already “knew it all” but at the recommendation of another student and in the desire to further my knowledge, I enrolled in the course.  I’m so glad I did, because Durga and Daya Mata presented an entertaining and systematic procedure for further employing the knowledge and skills I had already developed through the foundation course and my own personal practice.  I would definitely recommend this class to any earnest student looking to deepen their practice.

— Joyce Z.

I found the Yoga Science Lab very helpful in my practice.  The lab game board is such a tangible template to use for understanding how one deals with situations that trigger the emotions, and it can be used even after completing the course. Also, since the classes are small, each participant gets individualized attention and wonderful feedback from the teacher and other participants designed specifically for them.

— Ronnie T.

The Yoga Science Lab provided me with the practical guidance necessary to deepen and further utilize what I had learned in the Foundation Course.  I appreciated the opportunity to experiment within my own life while receiving helpful tips and explanations from seasoned Yogis. I plan to take the course again in the future.

— Jessica C.

The Yoga Science Lab Course offers a very practical way to learn how to analyze a triggering event in one’s life.  The format of using a game board makes it fun and interesting.  Each participant presented a triggering event and how they used the Yoga Science tools to analyze the event.  We learn how to make space between an emotional trigger and our response.  This is incredibly useful in dealing with all sorts of relationships.

I highly recommend the Yoga Science lab course, whether you are a newcomer to the Yoga Science world or a long-time veteran.   After you finish the six-week Foundation Course, it’s another way to consolidate your learning of the tools and give you a practical way to do the experiments!

— Sheila T.

This course will take place online via ZOOM.
AMI offers you the opportunity to participate from the comfort of your own home or from anywhere in the world.  Participation takes place in real time.  Classes are recorded and links are made available to participants following each class. 

Upon receipt of your registration, instructions on how to access the meeting room will be sent to you via e-mail. No special computer equipment is required.  Our distance learning classes are compatible with most major browsers, tablets and phones.  If you would like to check specific system requirements, visit the ZOOM website by clicking here.

Upcoming Course Dates

Yoga Science Lab®: Sept 5 & 12

September 5 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm