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Meditation Does Something That Nothing Else Can Do.

It introduces you to the bliss, fullness and wisdom of your Essential Nature. Once you experience this Self-realization, you are increasingly able to base your actions in the world on your discriminative faculty. This, in turn, improves your physical, mental and emotional health and spiritual well-being.


“While seated in your meditation posture, enter the Cave of the Heart (in the center of the chest) and lovingly invite the mantra into your awareness. Listen to the mantra slowly, lovingly and humbly. Listen to each syllable of each word. If the mind becomes restless, it’s never a problem. Simply acknowledge the habit of the mind, and then honor, witness and lovingly sacrifice the uninvited thought, image or sound back to the Origin from which it has come. Then, gently bring the mind back to the mantra. The mantra is your leader. It comes to beckon you. As you are increasingly able to follow the mantra beyond the boundaries of thinking and feelings, the mantra will radiate love, fearlessness and strength, and the mind will become tranquil, refreshed, creative and dynamic. Continue to listen to the mantra, and it will soothe the entire nervous system.”



In AMI MEDITATION you are fully alert, but the mind is relaxed and allowed to let go of its tendencies to think, analyze, remember, solve problems and focus on events of the past or expectations for the future. Meditation helps the mind to slow down its rapid series of thoughts and feelings that often lead to stress and dis-ease, and to replace that mental activity with a quiet, effortless, one-pointed focus of attention and awareness. Thus, AMI MEDITATION is not thinking about problems or analyzing a situation. Meditation is not having an internal conversation or argument with yourself. It is an inner attention that is concentrated, yet relaxed. It does not conflict with any religious tradition.

Why Should I Meditate

According to ABC World News Tonight, meditation is used today by many Americans including the U.S. Marines and students in classrooms all over the country. In 2011, 10% of U.S. adults (over 20 million) practiced meditation and 3 million patients, on the recommendation of their physicians, established their own meditation practice.

Meditation can make you healthier. Daily meditation is an essential ingredient in your own personal “self-care health program.” […]

50 Benefits of Meditation

Every Day New Medical Studies Discover More Benefits of Meditation

While the following list does not include all the benefits of meditating, it certainly is impressive for anyone who would like to live in a more healthy way.

  1. Increases restorative sleep
  2. Decreases anxiety and stress
  3. Slows the heart rate
  4. Increases exercise […]