Meditation does something that nothing else can do. It introduces you to the bliss, fullness and wisdom of your Essential Nature. Once you experience this Self-realization, you are increasingly able to base your actions in the world on your discriminative faculty. This, in turn, improves your physical, mental and emotional health and spiritual well-being.

“Every thought is only a suggestion. It is not an imperial command. If there is consternation in the mind, it means that you are dealing with a suggestion from the limited perspective of the ego (ahamkara). And that is not the real you. Before you allow yourself to become emotionally involved with certain habitual thoughts, go deeper within until you reach the thinker of the thought. Now, from the fullness and contentment of the Eternal Witness, ask your discriminative faculty (buddhi) if the thought that is calling your attention is a preya (ego or sense gratification that conflicts with inner wisdom) or a shreya (that which leads for your long-term health and well-being). If the buddhi tells you the thought is a preya, honor it and willingly surrender it back to the Origin from which it has come. Then, re-direct your attention (love) back to the mantra, and you will be led for your highest and greatest good.”    –– Leonard Perlmutter