National Conscience Month
National Conscience Month

Use Your Conscience to Feel Happier

Every thought you think, word you say and action you take has a direct effect on your state of mind. When your thoughts, words and actions reflect the wisdom of your Conscience, you will experience happiness, fullness and peace of mind.

Try these simple experiments:

Shift Perspective: Is your glass half full or half empty? When things aren’t going your way, try shifting your perspective to see the value and humor in what’s being brought to your awareness. Ask your Conscience, “What is the lesson to be learned from this situation?”    

Examine Your Energy: The next time you feel drained, ask your Conscience if it has to do with the food you ate, the interactions you’ve had (or haven’t had) with people, or the quality of sleep you had the night before. If you had to do it all over again, what would be the correct course of action? What would make you feel more energized and less drained?

Feed Your Soul: Watch less TV. Set a limit to your internet browsing. Turn off your cell phone. Instead, let your Conscience guide you towards healthier activities such as a nature walk, a creative endeavor or connecting with friends and family.

Take Care of Yourself: Give yourself the gift of time. Get up an hour earlier. Let your Conscience guide you toward a self-care routine that strengthens your immune system. Do it with intention and stay focused. For example, watch the birds outside as you enjoy your cup of tea. Try some gentle stretching. Take a mindful walk around the block. Ask your Conscience what might be the best time to begin meditating in the early morning.

Serve Others: Next time you feel sad or anxious, try a simple act of kindness such as opening the door for someone, helping an elderly person with groceries, or volunteering at your local animal shelter or food pantry. Serving others can be uplifting and fulfilling. 

Review: After each experiment, note how you feel. Anxious or calm? Are you pleased with your choices, or do you feel any regrets? Regardless of the outcome, congratulate yourself on doing the experiment. By letting the Conscience be your guide, you’ll be building confidence in your ability to make life-affirming choices that will lead you to a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life.