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My Burnout Story

How Practicing AMI’s Conference Curriculum Transformed My Burnout Crisis into a Renewed Love of Medicine and Greater Creativity

by Anthony Santilli

Anthony Santilli, MD will share “My Burnout Story” with medical colleagues at the American Meditation Institute’s 12th annual Heart and Science of Yoga® CME Conference October 17-21, 2023 at the Equinox Resort and Spa in Manchester, Vermont. This proprietary, comprehensive training in Yoga Science as Holistic Mind/Body Medicine, which was recently found in a peer-reviewed clinical study to reduce Burnout and Stress, is accredited by the American Medical Association for 34 CME credit hours, and will be offered simultaneously in-person and virtually on Zoom.

During his conference presentation, Dr. Santilli will recount the conditions that led to his burnout, and the specific Yoga Science tools he learned and employed that enabled him to transform the debilitating consequences of burnout into an increase in energy, creativity and a renewed love for his medical practice.

From the annual AMI Physicians Conferences I’ve gained knowledge to help myself, which in turn, has helped my patients dramatically. Each year I attend the AMI conference, I feel a renewed sense of empowerment, and feeling of empowerment is important in the practice of my entire life––personal and professional. 

Ten years ago I was ready to leave medicine, but by practicing what I learned at the AMI Physicians Conference, I was again able to say it’s the best job in the world.   — Anthony Santilli MD

The Burnout Crisis

Physician burnout has reached epidemic proportions

In today’s health care model, physicians are facing a burnout crisis.  Physicians are called upon to deliver an optimal patient experience and provide the highest quality care, all while facing increasing productivity and documentation demands. These requirements often lead to anxiety, fatigue, burnout, and depression.

Nationally, the physician burnout crisis has reached epidemic proportions. The American Medical Association and the Mayo Clinic recently conducted a study to determine how physician burnout differs from burnout in the general working population. The study, published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings, found that compared with the general U.S. population, physicians worked a median of 10 hours more per week, displayed higher rates of emotional exhaustion and reported lower satisfaction with work-life balance. Though the general population does experience burnout, the changing state of the health care system is clearly driving the increasing physician burnout crisis.

Now in its 12th year, The Heart and Science of Yoga® is The ONLY Comprehensive Training in Yoga Science as Holistic Mind/Body Medicine Proven in a Peer-Reviewed Study to Reduce BURNOUT and STRESS! Through engaging presentations, informative panel discussions, ongoing Q&A and practicums, this conference provides experiential knowledge of Yoga Science that can empower you to make discriminating, life-enhancing choices every day.

Above all else, be a Doubting Thomas! Don’t blindly believe what you read from this website. But if you’re interested and inspired to learn and scientifically experiment with the practices of Yoga Science as Holistic Mind/Body Medicine, you too will be able to reduce Burnout and Stress, boost your Immune System, increase your Compassion, Creativity and Self-confidence.

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