The origin of the word meditation is similar to that of the word medical. It means to heal by seeing—by consciously directing one’s attention. In AMI MEDITATION, you dispassionately observe your innermost thoughts, desires and emotions in a calm and concentrated manner. There is nothing dangerous nor difficult associated with this inner attention.

During the practice of AMI MEDITATION you ask your mind to let go of its many attachments, distractions and the passing thoughts and associations of your normal waking experience. You do this not by attempting to stop or repress your thoughts, but by encouraging the mind to focus continuously and mindfully on one subtle element or object in the present moment. This internal focus of attention helps rest the mind by allowing it to cease its habitual and often stressful mental processes.

As when listening to a beautiful concert, in meditation you are fully alert, but you are not aware of yourself. As your capacity to witness your thoughts is developed, meditation encourages the mind to slow down its customary chatter by surrendering its persistent tendencies to solve problems, analyze and entertain memories of the past or concerns for hypothetical situations in the future. The practice of AMI MEDITATION does not encourage the mind to meander aimlessly, nor to engage in some fascinating internal dialogue. It is simply a silent, effortless, one-pointed focus of attention and awareness.

The skills you gain in AMI MEDITATION—to mindfully witness and transform the power of your thoughts, desires and emotions—can then be employed in all your relationships through the practice of meditation-in-action. Instead of always reacting impulsively to your emotional attachments to fears (worry), anger and desires, you learn to observe and transform their inherent power into thoughts, words and deeds that enable you to experience greater health, happiness, creativity and contentment.

For individuals recovering from surgery or an emotional ordeal, meditation is profoundly therapeutic. AMI MEDITATION helps relax muscle tension and the autonomic nervous system, and it facilitates freedom from mental stress. Individuals who practice AMI MEDITATION attain a tranquility of mind that enhances the immune system by limiting the mind’s reaction to worry and anxiety. Sound decisions concerning a beneficial diet, daily exercise, diaphragmatic breathing and lifestyle selection all become possible when the mind is no longer controlled by habit.

In order to end stress, burnout and dis-ease we must begin the earnest exploration of the vast frontier that lies beyond the limitations of the ordinary mind. To find true joy and contentment, each of us must acknowledge and serve the wisdom of our spiritual center by learning to steward the power of our thoughts, desires and emotions. AMI MEDITATION is the cornerstone of an empowering self-care program for a happy, healthy, joyful life. It is a time-honored system of holistic practices and techniques that improve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. The only two requirements for benefitting from its use are your own determination and earnestness.