The practice of Yoga Science is not a pill you swallow to eliminate pain or instantly gain something you want. The extent to which you work with this teaching is entirely up to you. If you are sincerely interested in becoming free from pain and bondage, and are willing ot transform your own fear, anger and self-centered desires into a loving, creative and uplifting force, your life will definitely become the magnificent symphony you and the world are waiting to hear.

The Bible says “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” But nowhere in the scriptures is there an instruction to knock only once. “Keep knocking; keep practicing,” the sages of Yoga Science would urge, and “the gates of heaven will open for you.”

Students often ask if there is a higher level to this teaching, or some advanced course they should take. The answer is yes. The higher level and advanced course lies in your next thought. Who are you, and what are you going to do with that thought? If you are curious and motivated to experiment with the practices of Yoga Science, always remember that you are indeed the architect of your life. Your thoughts determine your destiny. But each thought that comes into your awareness is only a suggestion of what to give your attention to. It is not an imperial command.

Every thought is a manifestation of your most powerful and abundant natural resource. Every thought has the potential to transform your life from its present limited condition into poetry and song. Developing the skills to steward this great natural resource, therefore, is the most important task in life. AMI Meditation and the practices that support it are proven catalysts for transformation—if you are earnest and sincere. Ultimately everything will yield to your earnestness.

The sages of all traditions teach that joy and fearlessness are the birthrights of every human being, and our own personal studies have taught us that Yoga Science has developed powerful and practical mechanisms for reclaiming this misplaced inheritance. By relying exclusively on the Divine wisdom of a purified buddhi to determine which thoughts are served and which are not—in your mind, action and speech—you will experience a peace and creativity beyond your imagination.

In light of this, life will no longer e considered a trap or a punishment. It will be an opportunity and a challenge. We have all come here to learn and grow, and finally to receive this knowledge and to be free. Through continuous, conscientious practice, you too can find a new zest and enthusiasm for life. That’s the great gift of Yoga Science. You can be empowered by your new, meaningful purpose and encouraged by the certainty of a rewarding outcome.