The American Meditation Institute (AMI) announced today that its upcoming 12th annual Heart and Science of Yoga Conference October 17-21, 2023 at the Equinox Resort and Spa in Manchester, Vermont will address the unique physical and emotional challenges of burnout and stress experienced by older and retiring healthcare providers. Utilizing AMI’s proprietary training in Yoga Science as Holistic Mind/Body Medicine, which has now been proven by a peer-reviewed clinical study to reduce burnout and stress while increasing compassion satisfaction, a distinguished faculty of eleven Yoga Scientists will teach AMI’s revolutionary, evidence- based proprietary curriculum which has been accredited by the American Medical Association (AMA) for 34 Continuing Medical Education credits (CMEs).

Because of a surging increase in the burnout crisis among medical professionals of all ages, today’s combination of patient dissatisfaction, pressure to perform, and a compromised medical support system has the potential to push ever-increasing numbers of physicians out of their chosen field. With fewer physicians in practice, patients will have reduced access to care. Even when burned-out physicians stay in their position, they are more likely to cut back their efforts, consistently perform suboptimal work, and take more sick days.

According to curriculum developer and AMI founder Leonard Perlmutter, “Regardless of your age, medical specialty, or how challenging your circumstances might feel today, this conference will provide you an easy-to-learn, commonsensical curriculum that trains your mind through personal, scientific experimentation how to live free from burnout and stress by taking proper care of the body, regulating the breath, understanding how to optimize the mind, and learning to balance and employ the power of emotions. Without question––and with the requisite amount of desire––every attendee will definitely be able to rediscover their own inner source of physical and mental well-being, contentment, and a new brilliance of self-confidence.”

Upon completion of this conference, all participants will be able to: 1. Demonstrate knowledge of how Yoga Science as mind/body medicine can heal disease, manage addictive habits, alleviate stress, inflammation and physician burnout; 2. Develop equanimity, discrimination, will power, creativity and energy through a daily practice of AMI MEDITATION and diaphragmatic breathing; 3. Incorporate long-term strategies for healthy lifestyle choices using Yoga Psychology; 4. Demonstrate knowledge of the principles of both Ayurveda and Epigenetics; 5. Identify yogic practices to transform trauma and increase resilience; 6. Utilize Food as Medicine (diet and nutrition) to maximize personal wellbeing; 7. Demonstrate knowledge on the research and therapeutic modalities of yoga and meditation as mind/body medicine; 8. Recognize the physiological benefits of Easy-Gentle Yoga and to identify and disable chronic pain mechanisms for improved exercise, health and pain relief; 9. Help themselves and patients reduce conditioned habits of negative thinking and other symptoms of burnout through the healing powers of AMI MEDITATION and mantra science; 10. Use Chakra Psychology (subtle emotional/mental causes of stress) to diagnose and to better understand and treat dis-ease; 11. Recognize how AMI MEDITATION and meditation-in-action change the neural pathways in the brain to help manage pain; 12. Identify altered pathways in the brain due to addiction and the ability of Yoga Science and AMI MEDITATION to assist brain chemistry and circuitry to heal and rebuild itself; and, 13. Use the tools of Yoga Science to create a personal and medical culture of health and wellbeing.

The dedication, enthusiasm, and teaching methodology of the entire AMI faculty create a dynamic and interactive course for their students. Each faculty member is committed to the advancement and training of Yoga Science as Holistic Mind/Body Medicine. In addition to faculty director Leonard Perlmutter other presenters include: Mark Pettus MD, board certified internist and nephrologist and Director of Medical Education and Population Health of Berkshire Health Systems; Kristin Kaelber MD, PhD, board certified in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics; Renee Rodriguez-Goodemote, MD, Medical Director of the Saratoga Hospital Community Health Center; Anthony Santilli MD, board certified in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine; Jesse Ritvo MD, Assistant Medical Director, Inpatient Psychiatry, University of Vermont Health Center; Joshua Zamer, MD, Medical Director for Addiction Medicine at Saratoga Hospital Community Health Center and Chairman of the Department of Family Practice; Gustavo Grodnitzky PhD, Chair of the AMI Psychological Education Committee; Jenness Cortez Perlmutter, faculty member of The American Meditation Institute; Anita Burock-Stotts, MD, board certified in Internal Medicine; and Janine Pardo MD, board certified in Internal Medicine.

According to Abbas Qutab, Ayurvedic Physician, Worcester, Massachusetts, “This conference curriculum is a comprehensive training of safe and effective practices for achieving optimal wellness and longevity. It provides an encyclopedic resource for experiencing the healing connection between mind, body and spirit.”