New peer-reviewed Clinical Study finds AMI MEDITATION® Reduces Burnout and Stress while Increasing Compassion.

Newly published research from the American Medical Association shows how the COVID-19 pandemic magnified long-standing issues that have accelerated the U.S. physician burnout rate.  At the end of 2021, nearly 63% of physicians reported symptoms of burnout, up from 38% in 2020.  Research shows that large-scale change is needed to address the physician burnout crisis.

The AMI Meditation® comprehensive proprietary curriculum has now been proven to bring more ease and less effort to the complex navigation of daily life.  Having taught as a faculty member of The American Meditation Institute, and as a student of its teachings for many year, I can offer first-hand experiential affirmation of the power of the unique curriculum developed by AMI founder Leonard Perlmutter to transform an individual’s interpretation and response to the disorder of modern times.

It has long been a goal of Leonard’s to subject the AMI Meditation® curriculum to a peer-reviewed study, and now that goal has been realized.  From 2017 to 2020, a total of 21 healthcare providers who attended the annual Heart & Science of Yoga® holistic mind/body medicine conference participated in and completed this prospective study.  Having been taught the mantra-based AMI Meditation® curriculum, in addition to receiving abundant tools and support, these health care professionals were followed for 6 months.

Using validated measurement tools to evaluate burnout, secondary traumatic stress, and compassion satisfaction scores, nearly all participants demonstrated significant improvements in all measure at three and six months of study follow up.  These statistically significant findings.

New Findings from the AMI MEDITATION® STUDY

AMI Study Boxes with Arrows

Participants in this clinical study were all graduates of previous AMI Medical Conferences

We are in the midst of an epidemic of behavioral health challenges.  People in all walks of life are experiencing burnout, stress, anxiety, emotional trauma, and sadness in our culture.  As pervasive and concerning as these trends are, the prevalence is even more significant in all health care professionals.  Numerous research studies affirm the magnitude of this reality and the need to develop practical mind/body resiliency strategies.

This historic AMI Meditation research study has been peer-reviewed and has been accepted for publication by Lifestyle Magazine published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.  The study can be viewed and downloaded at

“Mastery of the mind and consciousness IS the next frontier of well being.  The AMI Meditation® curriculum contained in this Foundation Course is a profoundly important bridge that connects modern quantum science with ancient spiritual traditions.”

MARK PETTUS, MD – Lead Clinical Study Author

Compelling, Noteworthy Participant Feedback

I never feel rage come up anymore as it did when I was not focused on self-care and allowed anger to build before exploding.”

My practice feels more sustainable and rewarding.”

Calmer, better blood pressure, off medications and off low dose Lexapro.”

Mark Pettus MD, Lead Author

Mark Pettus MD, Lead Author

Beth Netter MD, Co-Author

Beth Netter MD, Co-Author

Dr. Pettus is a board certified internist and nephrologist, Director of Medical Education and Population Health at Berkshire Health Systems, a member of the AMI Department of Medical Education, and Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at UMass Medical School.

Dr. Netter is a retired anesthesiologist, and Chair Emeritus of the AMI Department of Medical Education.