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THE CHAKRA SYSTEM: Balancing the Body’s Subtle Energies

Monday Evenings:  February 25 – March 11

Presented by Leonard (Ram Lev) & Jenness Perlmutter

LEVEL II: This course provides a detailed understanding of the meaning, anatomy and function of the seven major chakras. When knowledge of the subtler aspects of the chakras is understood and incorporated into your daily practice, consciousness is freed from the downward inertia of fear-filled, animal nature and allowed to rise to the higher centers of consciousness. When the energy of the chakras is balanced, you are freed from the debilitating power of fear, anger and greed and your consciousness can rise to higher centers of creativity. In addition, advanced healing practices that work through the energy of the subtle body will help open, energize and ground you. These advanced, yogic mind/body medicine practices will increase your vitality and concentration and help you rediscover your inner source of physical, mental and emotional health and contentment.

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