MORNING YOGA FOR 50 PLUS: Yoga for Healthy Aging

Wednesday Mornings from 9:45am – 11:00am

Monthly Classes:  $40/4 wk month or $50/5 wk month
Drop-Ins Welcome, $15 per class

Instructor: Melanie (Uma) Gloeckner, RYT

LEVEL I: Yoga for healthy aging focuses on developing awareness and skills for daily living. Increase flexibility and strength, improve balance and build endurance, breath awareness, reduce stress, relax and re-energize. Without difficulty or pain, you’ll learn the simple, therapeutic pleasures of focusing and stilling the mind, expanding your breathing capacity, relieving stiffness and stress, and stretching muscles.  Most students feel less stress and inflexibility after the very first class. You’ll move with more ease, gain physical confidence and enhance the flexibility and health of your body.

For beginners and experienced students alike.