Newly Published in Lifestyle Medicine:

Peer-Reviewed Clinical Study Finds AMI Meditation® Reduces
Burnout and Stress while Increasing Compassion.

New Findings from the AMI MEDITATION® STUDY

AMI Study Boxes with Arrows

Participants in this clinical study were all graduates of previous AMI Medical Conferences

As a participant and longstanding faculty member of The American Meditation Institute’s CME-accredited annual Heart and Science of Yoga® Physicians Conference, I have experienced, first-hand, the elegance of the teachings, the power of the science, and the possibility to transform a trajectory of life truly limitless. It is this beautiful nexus of science and spirituality where the “magic” manifests. We are SO much more than we perceive ourselves to be! Our perceptions and patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving are so much more malleable and amenable to deeper alignment than modern life would suggest possible!”   — MARK PETTUS, MD