I interact with a lot of physicians who I think confront unprecedented levels of stress in their lives for many reasons.  It’s easy for me to understand how challenging it is to be a physician navigating this landscape; trying to do the best you can with things beyond our control—health care reform, various regulatory issues are always coming down on providers. Any physician who is confronting challenge around joy and the capacity to thrive definitely needs to be aware of the AMI’s work.  In my experience, the AMI program is unique.  I’ve never seen anyone translate the philosophy and science of Yoga the way Leonard Perlmutter does with his beautiful integration of meditation in the context of Yoga Science.  Leonard is always pushing the edges bringing in new speakers that represent expertise and state-of-the-art science.  Really, from beginning to end, it’s news to use.  This is a very experiential program, so while a lot of physicians might look at program that are more skewed toward didactics, lectures and powerpoints, experience is really the heart of the AMI’s program.  I think this is a program that’s at the tipping point of meeting the needs of a tremendous number of caregivers who are doing amazing work but struggling to continue to maintain that edge.  My appeal to any caregiver would be to love yourself.  Express the same compassion to who you are as you would for those you care for.  And look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Are you happy?  Are you thriving?” And if not, why is that?  Many of the AMI tools that you learn throuh this program are the antidotes to so many of physicians’ day-to-day challenges.