High School Senior Jiya Patil Wins NCM Essay Scholarship

In her award-winning entry, Ms. Patil, a senior at the Foothill High School in Pleasanton, California, writes about how she overcame persistent emotional challenges to finally use the Conscience to determine her thoughts, words and deeds: “My mind races to more examples of how we exploit opportunities to help ourselves, ignoring how it may affect others: cheating on tests to keep up with the class, deforesting trees to expand agriculture, overfishing to maintain eating habits, etc . . . I hope to let my Conscience guide me away from engaging with this tragedy. By choosing not to feed into it, I might ensure my status as a loser to some—but I’m no longer willing to win the race if I have to cheat to get to the front.”

National Conscience Month, observed each January, is intended to encourage individual citizens of all ages and backgrounds, governments, school systems, faith leaders, non-profits, community organizations and corporations across the United States to increase reliance on their own Conscience, and to raise awareness about the value of consciously using the Conscience as an inspired guide for making better decisions.

According to Leonard Perlmutter, founder of The American Meditation Institute, author of the recently published book, “Your Conscience,” and originator of National Conscience Month says “Every thought, word and deed that conflicts with the wisdom of the Conscience inevitably invites pain and dis-unity, while every thought, word and deed that accurately reflects the wisdom of the Conscience inevitably invites infinite Grace and unity.”

Conscience Month: At least 99.5% of Americans Don’t Know How the Conscience Works to Transform Struggling Into Flourishing, Suffering Into Happiness and Sadness Into Joy

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