This FREE webinar was conceived with the understanding that all outer conflict, including war, is a manifestation of some pre-existing inner mental conflict. Without inner mental conflict, outer conflict does not spontaneously manifest in the body or in the world.

In 2022 we are all experiencing the horrors of war in Ukraine through a flood of digital images. We ask ourselves how inhumane, premeditated acts of death and destruction could arise in the 21st century. From a yogic perspective the answer is simple logic. When our individual and collective outer actions (thoughts, words and deeds) are based on our inner wisdom, we are always led for our highest and greatest good. But when our individual and collective outer actions do not follow our inner wisdom, that interior conflict becomes the mother of all pain and sorrow.

Today the human mind’s unbridled fascination with technology-based information, and its failure to discriminate between short-term ego or sense gratification––as opposed to the perennial good that supports all humanity––is the cause of war. But by learning to consciously serve the Super Conscious Wisdom of Your Conscience, you can help turn the energies that fuel war into peace, purpose, meaning and contentment. And each of us already holds the key.

Key YC


    • HOW TO:  Coordinate the Four Functions of the Mind: Ego, Senses, Unconscious and Conscience.
    • HOW TO:  Optimize Your Conscience to enable you to experiment with resolving your own mind’s inner conflicts. By practicing what you learn, you’ll increasingly observe yourself acting out of kindness and compassion rather than adding to the outer conflict in the world. Your skillful action will bring you the purpose, resolve, courage, commitment and clarity you need in order to become a force for peace.
    • HOW TO:  Develop power, creativity and energy to do what is to be done, and not do what is not to be done to help turn WAR into PEACE.

Remember, pain is the shadow of the outstretched hand of the Supreme Intelligence. Pain, including the pain of war, is like those warning signs posted along the highway: “Falling Rock Zone,” “Slow––Curve,” “Wrong Way––Do Not Enter”. The pain caused by inner mental conflict provides essential telemetry to assure a safe journey through life. And if we choose to mask, but not eliminate the whispering pain from inner mental conflict, its decibel level will only get louder and louder and louder––until the dis-ease turns into a full-fledged disease or some shared and horrifically painful experience like war.

This timely webinar featured the gifted teacher Leonard Perlmutter, AMI founder and author of the new book “Your Conscience,” and an panel of experienced Yoga Scientists. Please share this with your family, friends, work colleagues and enemies.

Leonard Perlmutter YC cover

Leonard Perlmutter (Ram Lev) is the founder of The American Meditation Institute and originator of National Conscience Month. Mr. Perlmutter’s first book, The Heart and Science of Yoga® was endorsed by Dean Ornish MD, Bernie Siegel MD and Larry Dossey MD. Over the past 26 years, he has served on the faculties of the New England Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts and the International Himalayan Yoga Teachers Association in Calgary, Canada. He has taught workshops on the benefits of meditation and Yoga Science at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Kaiser Permanente, The Albany Medical College, The New York Times forum on Yoga, the Commonwealth Club of California, the University of Wisconsin School of Nursing, the Washington University Medical School, the University of Colorado Medical School and the U.S. Military Academy at West Point Association of Graduates. Since 2009, Leonard’s Foundation Course on Yoga Science has been certified for continuing medical education credits by the American Medical Association and the American Nurses Association.