Expanding on Albert Einstein’s statement that, “Problems cannot be solved on the level at which they appear; they must be solved on a higher level,” Leonard Perlmutter contends that elimination of the deficiencies of today’s educational system cannot be accomplished by throwing money and the latest technologic gadgetry at the troubles. “True solutions to every challenge, Perlmutter claims, “do not begin on the chess board, they begin in the mind of the chess player. With a comprehensive understanding of how the human mind works, and by learning to use the Conscience to determine every thought, word and deed, people of all ages and backgrounds can attain the skills of a chess master.”

Taught continuously since 1996, Perlmutter’s unique and time-tested Foundation Course curriculum teaches individuals how to update their own faulty unconscious concepts while optimizing the faultless intuition of their Conscience. As Perlmutter’s students then experiment in day-to-day life with the tools they have learned, they develop more self-confidence in knowing what’s to be done and what’s not to be done. As a result, their stress and burnout are diminished, their creativity is enhanced, and the body’s immune system is strengthened. Perlmutter’s Foundation Course curriculum is both comprehensive and entertaining. The six-week syllabus incorporates Holistic Mind/Body Medicine principles, an AMI Meditation procedure, meditation-in-action, easy-gentle physical exercises, breath as medicine, an understanding of Ayurvedic medicine, the practical power of prayer (even for atheists and agnostics) , and supportive elements of Yoga Science, Philosophy, and Psychology. Each weekly session combines the best of ancient Eastern wisdom with the practicality of modern Western medical science.

This one-of-a-kind program, that can teach individuals how to transform negative emotions into life-affirming optimism, peace and security, is open to the general public, and has been certified by the American Medical Association to provide attending medical physicians 18 CME (Continuing Medical Education) credit hours.

Mr. Perlmutter’s books, YOUR CONSCIENCE, as well as The Heart and Science of Yoga® have been endorsed by medical pioneers Dean Ornish MD, Bernie Siegel MD and Larry Dossey MD. Leonard has taught workshops on the benefits of optimizing the mind and the Conscience at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Kaiser Permanente, numerous medical schools, “The New York Times” forum on Yoga, and the U.S. Military Academy at West Point Association of Graduates.

According to recent course graduate, Internist and Pediatrician, Kristin Kaelber, MD, PhD, FAAP, FACP, “The AMI Foundation Course literally changed the direction of my career as a physician. Practicing the tools that I learned in the course has transformed my work as a physician and helped me eliminate the burnout I was experiencing. I am practicing as a lifestyle medicine physician and am much happier in my work. The tools are practical and help me to serve my patients better. Physicians! I urge you to prescribe this course to yourself so that you too can rid yourselves of burnout and frustration and create a happier, healthier life and career.”