Air travel can be stressful.  The hurry-up-and-wait at an airport and trying to navigate the crowds and security can be exhausting and compromise your immune system.  To make your flight less stressful and more rewarding, AMI founder Leonard Perlmutter suggests the following:

  1. Listen to your mantra when you have no immediate responsibility to deal with.
  2. Pack nourishing home-cooked food to eat until you reach your destination.
  3. During a flight or while waiting for a connecting flight, do a few easy-gentle yoga stretches.
  4. Practice three rounds of alternate nostril breathing.  It will reduce anxiety, and increase your energy levels.
  5. Plan at least one long meditation during your flight.  It will keep you centered.
  6. Be mindful in every moment, and employ the “Bridge of Yoga” so that you think speak and act in service to your own inner wisdom.