Women’s Health magazine debunks the Top Five Myths about meditation.

  1. The goal of meditation is to eliminate thoughts.  Meditation is not about blocking out thoughts, it’s about what you do with thoughts when you become aware of them.
  2. You should always feel calm during and after meditation.  Do not judge your experience during the meditation, but rather by the cumulative benefits in everyday life.
  3. You have to meditate for a long time to feel benefits.  Even meditating for 1 minute can make a huge difference to stress levels.
  4. Meditation is just for people who are stressed.  Meditation is an effective antidote when  you are feeling stressed, but it is even more powerful as a preventative strategy.
  5. Meditation takes years to learn.  Nonsense.  Changes start to occur in the mind and the body (including the brain) from the very first time you meditate.