On Spirituality

At the subtle-most core of every human being there resides a deep, compelling desire to know the meaning of life, and to directly experience and understand the eter­nal, omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent force from which the entire universe, includ­ing you and me, has evolved. Direct experi­ence of this profound Truth provides a per­son security, optimism, wisdom, love, cre­ativity, happiness, and strength.

But today, even in the midst of an unprecedented technological revolution that makes our lives so much easier than life in any previous age, human beings suffer from a lack of purpose and self-confidence, and are troubled by dissatisfaction, dread, […]

DNA Does Not Have to Be Your Destiny!

by Robert Schneider, MD

The cutting edge of modern medicine is coming to the place where mind meets body; where mind meets DNA; where we have control over DNA; where we can modify effects of our genes from the inside out. And this development of modern medicine much parallels the science of meditation and its description and technologies for developing the mind/body connection.

The latest research in modern medical sciences says your DNA is not your destiny. The old paradigm––that your genetic code was fixed, has been superseded. New scientific discoveries show that your lifestyle choices–– what you think, and how you […]

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Those who say don’t know, and those who know don’t say.

By Leonard Perlmutter (Ram Lev)

“Those who say don’t know, and those who know don’t say.” This warning from Lao Tzu, the 6th century BC author of the Tao Te Ching and founder of Taoism, serves as an important reminder today for all of us trying to resolve challenging relationships.

Like many profound teachings presented by a master to a disciple, this statement is to be read as a riddle to solve. The words are presented in a way that requires a certain depth of understanding on the part of the disciple to be correctly interpreted.

From a yogic perspective, Lao Tzu’s […]

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The Antidote to “Super-Doctor Syndrome”

By Lorenz Iannarone MD
“Super Doctor Syndrome” refers to a common condition afflicting a large percentage of physicians and other healthcare providers. Left untreated, it is known to lead to burnout. Dr. Iannorone’s biographical essay provides a classic example.

Do you know how “Storm Chasers” in Oklahoma get pumped just by getting into their high-tech machines and going out in search of tornadoes? Or how big game hunters get a rush of adrenaline in seeking “the big kill?” Sometimes I wonder if I just sought out stress for the same rush. People tell me that I’m at my best in a stressful […]

#MeToo, Opioid Crisis, Gun Control

To make the best choices in every issue in life, you must first answer these 5 questions:  Who am I? Where have I come from? Why am I here? What’s to be done? Where shall I go?

by Leonard Perlmutter (Ram Lev)

Harrowing, infuriating stories emerging from the #MeToo movement, the opiate addiction crisis, and the St. Valentine’s Day massacre at Stoneman Douglas High School continue to tear at our hearts. But as we struggle to make the best choices concerning these horrifying revelations and to direct our creative energies toward positive change in our nation’s character, conduct and consciousness, we must […]

Corporate America Looks Within for Success

by Don Sadler

To be successful, every company must regularly reevaluate and reinvent itself. More and more, corporate America is beginning to acknowledge the benefits of meditation and is bringing this ancient practice into their modern workplace.

Why? Because the benefits of meditation for every employee are undeniable: clarity of thought, release of stress, enhanced creativity, and the ability to see situations and solve problems from a unique and fresh perspective.

From large, well-recognized corporations to small and mid-sized enterprises, many CEOs, business owners and entrepreneurs are recognizing that meditation (and its allied practices) can have a positive impact on the health, […]

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Satsang: Keep the Company of the Wise

Like water naturally taking the shape of the container in which it finds itself, your will, deeds and destiny conform to the company you keep. It’s true. What you give your attention to has an enormous influence on the life you live. If the company you keep, both mentally and physically, is chosen unconsciously, stress and dis-ease will likely follow. But if the company you keep is chosen consciously, with discrimination, it’s likely that happiness, health and security will follow.

How do I know? In 1978, shortly after I began my spiritual journey in earnest, my teacher, Swami Rama of the […]

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Multitasking and Chronic Stress

Why Are Multi-Taskers So Stressed Out?

Nothing gets the stress levels revved up like multitasking. We’ve all been there – spread too thin, feeling a lack of satisfaction, perhaps even bitter. Well, there’s a reason multitasking is taking a toll on you. By definition, multitasking is an impossible feat – IMPOSSIBLE! No wonder you feel stressed out.

So what to do when you’re in a time crunch, trying to do 25 things at once, accomplishing very little? While it may sound counter-intuitive, you can actually get more done in less time by S L O W I N G the mind.

Our modern […]

Why Should I Meditate

According to ABC World News Tonight, meditation is used today by many Americans including the U.S. Marines and students in classrooms all over the country. In 2011, 10% of U.S. adults (over 20 million) practiced meditation and 3 million patients, on the recommendation of their physicians, established their own meditation practice.

Meditation can make you healthier. Daily meditation is an essential ingredient in your own personal “self-care health program.” Scientific studies at the Mayo Clinic show that “meditating slows breathing rate, heart rate, lowers blood pressure and aids in the treatment of anxiety, depression and a range of other ailments.”

Meditation calms […]

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