According to AMI founder and Conscience Month originator Leonard Perlmutter, “A satellite orbits the earth with no inner guidance to determine its destiny. You, however, have the capacity and the freedom to escape the failings of the culture and your own past mistakes, and to thrive in every relationship, simply by experimenting with letting Your Conscience be your guide in thought, word and deed.”

This month-long observance is an auspicious time to raise awareness about the value of experimenting with the Conscience as an inspired guide to making better choices every day and in every relationship. In his latest book, YOUR CONSCIENCE, Leonard Perlmutter clearly explains how the mind can be trained to harmoniously and rewardingly reduce inner mental conflict, which is the first step in ameliorating external conflict and pain. Always emphasizing a kind and scientific approach, Perlmutter asks people not to blindly believe him, but rather to experiment with time-tested practices.

As an integral component of National Conscience Month’s January 2023 observance will, AMI will be hosting two important webinars live on Zoom to help increase understanding and confidence of how Your Conscience really functions, and how to optimize its use in every relationship. The first free webinar, Your Conscience: It’s Not What You Think It IS! will be held on January 8 from 7:30 – 8:30 pm ET. The second free webinar, “Your Conscience: Everywhere, Every Day,” will be aired on January 15 from 7:30 – 8:30 pm ET. A separate registration is required for each webinar.

Leonard Perlmutter, originator of National Conscience Month and founder of The American Meditation Institute for Yoga Science and Philosophy is available for interviews.

About the American Meditation Institute
The American Meditation Institute (AMI), a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization devoted to the teaching and practice of Yoga Science and AMI meditation as holistic mind-body medicine. In its approach to wellness, AMI combines the healing arts of the East with the practicality of modern Western science. Throughout the year, The American Meditation Institute presents Leonard Perlmutter’s AMI MEDITATION Foundation Course for solving all of life’s challenges, and publishes Transformation a quarterly journal of Yoga Science that contains helpful news and a complete upcoming calendar of classes.