Renee Goodemote MD will discuss how AMI MEDITATION helped her reduce stress and become a better physician at the American Meditation Institute’s 10th annual CME conference October 23-27, 2018 at the Cranwell Resort and Spa in Lenox, Massachusetts.  Entitled “The Heart and Science of Yoga,” this comprehensive training in Yoga Science as holistic mind/body medicine will offer attendees 32 CME credits, and is accredited through the Albany Medical College Office of Continuing Medical Education and the American Medical Association.

This year’s CME conference will provide physicians a quality, comprehensive and evidence-based education that can prevent and reverse the debilitating causes and effects of physician burnout. Lectures will include: AMI MEDITATION, diaphragmatic breathing, easy-gentle yoga, Yoga psychology, neuroplasticity, PTSD, trauma, resilience, the chakra system as a diagnostic tool, mind function optimization, epigenomics, ayurveda, food as medicine, functional medicine, and lymph system detoxification.

Previous conference attendee and 2018 presenter Renee Rodriguez-Goodemote MD, is a graduate of the Albany Medical College and currently serves as Medical Director at the Saratoga Hospital Community Health Center. According to Goodemote, “The curriculum of this conference should be a part of all medical education. It can help you move through the stresses of patient care on a day-to-day basis.”

Dr. Goodemote will be joined by Joshua Zamer MD, medical director for Addiction Medicine at the Saratoga Hospital Community Health Center for a new presentation on pain management and addiction recovery.

In speaking of her personal experience with AMI MEDITATION, Goodemote notes, “This CME conference on Yoga Science is important for the future of healthcare because we, as providers, are moving toward population-based care.  This conference allows you to turn inward to understand how creative we can be when we just allow the mind to rest and meet its capacity.”

The dedication, enthusiasm, and teaching methodology of the entire AMI faculty create a dynamic and interactive course for their students.  Each faculty member is committed to the advancement and training of Yoga Science as holistic mind/body medicine. Additional distinguished presenters will include Leonard Perlmutter  AMI founder; Mark Pettus MD, Director of Medical Education and Population Health at Berkshire Health Systems; Anthony Santilli MD, board-certified in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine; Sat Bir Singh Khalsa, PhD, Director of Research for the Kundalini Research Institute, and Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School; Susan Lord MD, a private practice holistic physician focusing on prevention and treatment, and former course director for The Center for Mind-Body Medicine’s “Food As Medicine” program in Washington, DC; Jesse Ritvo MD, Assistant Medical Director, Inpatient Psychiatry, University of Vermont Health Center; Beth Netter MD MT, holistic physician and acupuncturist, Albany, NY; Prashant Kaushik MD, board-certified Rheumatologist; Anita Burock-Stotts, MD, board certified in Internal Medicine; Gustavo Grodnitzky PhD, Chair of the AMI Psychological Education Committee; Jenness Cortez Perlmutter, faculty member of The American Meditation Institute, and Lee Albert, NMT, acclaimed neuromuscular therapist and gentle yoga instructor.

“When you change your perspective,” faculty director Perlmutter notes, “you change your experience. AMI’s ‘Heart and Science of Yoga’ program will offer physicians a refreshingly new, clearer and kinder perspective on every personal and professional responsibility they face today. Through engaging lectures by an accomplished medical faculty, instructive practicums and ongoing Q&A, doctors gain experiential knowledge that integrates Yoga Science into a dynamic self-care program. As a result of receiving this practical wisdom, physicians will return home with a set of useful tools that can empower them to make conscious, discriminating and reliable choices to enhance their creativity, well-being, happiness and success. The more physicians incorporate the therapeutic practices of Yoga Science and AMI MEDITATION into their daily lives, most symptoms of stress-related burnout and chronic complex diseases can be diminished or eliminated.”

Medical pioneers Dean Ornish MD, Mehmet Oz MD (Dr. Oz), Bernie Siegel MD and Larry Dossey MD have endorsed Mr. Perlmutter’s award-winning “Heart and Science of Yoga” treatise, which serves as the primary curriculum for this 10th annual conference.

According to Farhana Riaz MD, a pediatric radiologist and past participant from Boston, Massachusetts, “This course has given me a new and better outlook on life––and the tools to make it stick!”

Renee Rodriguez-Goodemote

“The curriculum of this conference should be a part of all medical education. It can help you move through the stresses of patient care on a day-to-day basis.”