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October 9, 2019

National Conscience Month Designates January 2020 as a Crucial Time to Raise Awareness about Using Your Conscience as Your Guide in Making Better Decisions

The American Meditation Institute (AMI) an organization devoted to providing comprehensive training in Yoga Science—the world’s oldest holistic mind/body medicine and the core principle of every spiritual tradition—has launched the first ever National Conscience Month. National Conscience Month will take place January 2020, with the mission of encouraging individuals across the nation to practice using their conscience as a guide.

Designed to work in partnership with citizens, governments, school systems, faith leaders, non-profits, community organizations and corporations across the United States, the month-long observance identifies January 2020 as an auspicious time to celebrate and raise awareness about the value of using your conscience as an inspired guide to making better decisions.

In today’s world we know that people are moving quickly and reacting automatically—rather than making discerning choices. Currently there are few coordinated opportunities to teach people how to evaluate options or to use their conscience as a guide. Because of this, we experience dis-ease. We suffer personally and as a culture from ills like addictions, gun violence, chronic and debilitating health conditions, […]

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